Neptune Wellness (NASDAQ: NEPT), a diversified and fully integrated health and wellness company with a focus on plant-based, plant-based and sustainable, launched the plant-based Multi Omega 3-6-9 gums and softgels from Forest Remedies on July 22nd brought .

Forest Remedies’ new vegetable multi-omega soft gels and gums use natural oil from the UK, an environmentally friendly source of omega 3, 6 and 9 compared to fish oil.

It is estimated that one acre of Ahiflower will provide the same oil as 320,000 anchovies. The use of this oil does not ensure overfishing of marine life, which has become a global ecological catastrophe over the past five decades, resulting in an 80% reduction in Antarctica’s krill population since the 1970s.

Michael Cammarata, President and Chief Executive Officer of Neptune Wellness said that Forest Remedies gums and gels are an example of the company’s commitment to making and selling herbal and sustainable health and wellness products. Cammarata added that in addition to a biodegradable inner bag, the company is also revolutionizing the packaging of nutritional supplements with a recyclable and compostable outer tube.

Because the product is vegan, it is good for both the consumer and the planet. The gels and gums are contained in a basic formula Multi Omega 3-6-9 and Elderberry immune formula. Ahiflower oil has been shown to be four times more effective than flaxseed oil.

Consumers can order the soft gels and gums online by visiting the Forest Remedies website and new users receive a 20% discount on their first purchase.

Market reaction:

On Thursday, NEPT stock fell 2.35% to $ 0.8120, with more than 3.33 million shares, compared to an average volume of 2.03 million shares. The stock moved in a range from $ 0.8020 to $ 0.8500 after opening trading at $ 0.85. For the past 52 weeks, the stock has traded in a range of $ 0.7300 to $ 3.6000.

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