Holland & Barrett has launched massive summer discounts, including a 3-for-1 mix-and-match deal.

The wellness retailer is offering its customers an amazing purchase option for the first time, getting two for free for a range of vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Customers have to pay for the most expensive item, with the two cheapest items being free, but only for selected products.

Available in Holland & Barrett stores nationwide, the offer starts today (July 21st) and ends Tuesday July 27th.

Pick up some bargains at Holland & Barrett

So all health-conscious fans who want to take advantage of this fantastic offer have to put on their skates if you want to stock up on all your healthy favorites.

With dozens of products included in the promotion, customers can take full advantage of the event either in-store, through the app downloadable from the Apple Store or Google Play, and online at Hollandandbarrett.com.

As if the 3-for-1 promotion wasn’t bargain enough, buyers can also get some additional discounts.

Customers can also use the unique code EXTRA to get 15% off £ 15 and 20% off £ 20.

We have summarized some of the products included in the 3-for-1 offer below.

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Healthy Kids Vitamin D3 Chewing Gum – € 5.69

Healthy Kids Vitamin D3 Chewing Gum – € 5.69

Give your little one a daily boost of vitamin D3 plus calcium to help build bones and teeth, and to give extra support to the immune system.

The bottle contains 30 delicious strawberry and vanilla flavors that they will love, and they are suitable for children ages 3 and up.

Price: £ 5.69 – Buy Here Now

Cod liver oil and glucosamine capsules – £ 12.49

Cod liver oil and glucosamine capsules - £ 12.49

Cod liver oil and glucosamine capsules – £ 12.49

This pure cod liver oil also contains omega-3 and glucosamine and is one of the richest natural sources that contributes to normal skin, eyesight, bones and teeth.

It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is an excellent source of vitamins A and D. Both vitamins A and D help the immune system function normally, while vitamin D helps maintain normal bone and muscle function.

The added glucosamine is an important structural component in joint tissue.

Price: £ 12.49 – Buy Here Now

Vitaboost Multivitamin 50+ shower head – € 4.99

Vitaboost Multivitamin 50+ shower head - € 4.99

Vitaboost Multivitamin 50+ shower head – € 4.99

This is a VitaBoost of multivitamins for those over 50 – over the years our body needs a different variety of vitamins and minerals to function optimally.

VitaBoost 50+ Multivitamin contains 20 dissolvable tablets that contain a mixture of vitamin D, calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals to help you stay fit and healthy longer.

Simply dissolve the orange and passion fruit flavored tablets in water or juice for a delicious vitamin and mineral drink. Best of all, they’re sugar free.

Price: € 4.99 – buy here now

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Buyers who want more can also take advantage of some of the retailer’s other offers, such as:

Other deals you can bag too are half the price for essential oils and serums, 2 for £ 16 and 25% off.

In the event that you decide to visit your local store, we’ve included this handy store locator tool here.

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