A Delhi court will order Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar’s motion for special food and supplements in prison on June 8 in connection with the alleged murder of a young wrestler.

Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Satvir Singh Lamba reserved the order after hearing at length the allegations made by prosecutors and the defense.

Mr Kumar, charged with murder, culpable homicide and kidnapping, is currently in Mandoli Prison in Delhi.

In the plea, the lawyers of Mr. Kumar Pradeep Rana, Kumar Vaibhaw and Satwik Misra stated that their client was taking nutritional supplements such as isolate whey protein, omega-3 capsules, joint capsules, pre-workout C4 and Hyde, multivitamin GNC, exercise bands, etc.

The motion added that denying these basic requirements will have a major impact on his career, as the specific diet and dietary supplements are extremely necessary for his health and performance.

“The applicant’s career in wrestling is directly related to his physical strength and physique, without which he cannot sustain and the supplements are required,” the complaint stated.

However, the prison authorities stated in their response to the court that Mr. Kumar’s state of health does not require dietary supplements or an additional protein diet as an “additional diet”.

During the June 8 trial, Mr. Kumar’s attorney Pradeep Rana told the court that Mr. Kumar was entitled to the supplementary diet because he was an “unconvicted criminal prisoner.”

Lawyer Rana said that the special diet and supplements were requested at the personal expense of Mr. Kumar and not by the prison authorities.

He added that an additional protein diet was not “special treatment” but was required by the defendant due to his future preparation as an active athlete and world-famous wrestler.

Meanwhile, another request for a separate cell in the prison was withdrawn by Mr. Kumar’s attorney after the prison authorities submitted a report that he had already been provided one given the security threat.

On June 2, the District Court sent Mr. Kumar into custody for nine days. He was arrested on May 23rd and then interrogated by the police for 10 days.

Mr. Kumar and his staff allegedly attacked Sagar Dhankar and two of his friends Sonu Mahal and Amit Kumar at Chhatrasal Stadium on the night between May 4th and 5th over a property dispute. The 23-year-old later succumbed to his injuries.

Police have identified Mr. Kumar as the “main culprit and mastermind” of the murder and said there is electronic evidence of him and his staff beating the 23-year-old with sticks.


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