As stated on the MYALIXIR® website, the brand is passionate about getting things right and creating a culture that creates value first while exceeding expectations. This is not just a mission statement. The products offered at MYALIXIR® have recyclable and plastic-free primary packaging, there are vegan and vegetarian options and they are all made in the UK in BRC approved facilities.

The effects of MYALIXIR® on the planet go beyond the website. The brand is also involved in many ongoing innovative projects that are currently attracting the interest of the venture capital community. They have also committed to the community through various charity initiatives.

You will find a wide range of nutritional supplements on the MYALIXIR® website. Some of the most popular products in the store are:

  • Organic Turmeric, Ginger, and Black Pepper – a 100% organic product formulated to help maintain flexible joints, keep skin healthy, and support a healthy liver.
  • Vegan Omega 3 – a unique recipe for high quality algae oil that supports your eyesight, brain function and blood pressure.
  • Daily Immune Support – a combination of botanicals, vitamins and minerals that work together to maintain resistance to allergies, make fat digestion easier and reduce fatigue.
  • Daily Bioculture Complex – Made in a Good Manufacturing Practice approved facility, this vegan-friendly product will aid your digestive system.
  • Daily Vitamin D3 – a distinctive formula that aims to improve teeth, support muscles and boost immunity.

These popular products, as well as the rest of the products available in the MYALIXIR® store, are all made in the UK. They are made from high quality products and are designed to provide the best health results for customers. All products on the MYALIXIR® website not only contain vegan and vegetarian ingredients, but are also manufactured in a Brand Reputation Compliance (BRC) approved facility, which is a globally recognized UK trade organization.

The MYALIXIR® product range can be found at For more information on high-quality ingredients, vegan and vegetarian-friendly details or recyclable plastic-free containers, please contact the founders at You can also use this address to get in touch for interviews or for quotes about the healthy nutritional supplement brand.

About MYALIXIR Supplements
MYALIXIR® (MY ALIXIR LIMITED) Supplements is a vegan-focused supplement brand based in the UK. They offer unique formulas made with the highest quality ingredients and made in the UK with 99% plastic free primary packaging. Their goal is to develop a proactive approach to health through dietary supplements, taking animal welfare and environmental impacts into account.

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