UK-based supplement brand Cytoplan reports a 39% increase in sales of Pregna-Plan – a pregnancy and conception formula

Research has shown that 1.9 million babies were born in 2021 and 2022

What is a Pregnancy Formula and Why Should We Use One? Cytoplan CEO and nutritional therapist Amanda Williams responds in an exclusive Q&A.

April 2021: A recent study commissioned by Starling Bank reported that 1.9 million babies were born in England and Wales in 2021 and 2022. More than half of the respondents said that they would like to have a child in the next two years. Cytoplan, a UK-based nutritional supplement brand and pioneer in nutritional supplements for food and whole foods, can support that thought as it confirms a 39% increase in sales during the lockdown of its popular pregnancy and conception formula. Pregna plan.

Pregna Plan is a comprehensive food-based prenatal multivitamin and mineral complex designed for all stages of pregnancy, including prejudice, pregnancy and breastfeeding

640,000 babies were born in 2019 and 657,000 babies in 2018, suggesting that birth rates may have fallen in the years leading up to the pandemic, according to the UK may face a baby boom in the months ahead.

Amanda Williams, CEO of Cytoplan, said, “During pregnancy, the growth of the fetus increases your need for micronutrients by an additional 50%. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that you are supported with a multi-nutrient formula that also contains a good source of folate to support growth. We’re seeing a significant increase in pregnancy supplements at Cytoplan, with Pregna Plan up 39% year over year, supporting the suggestion that we could expect a “baby boom” along the way. Pregna Plan is an all-round, supportive formula that contains both folic acid (as methyl folate – the most bio-effective form of this nutrient) and vitamin D3 with a range of vitamins and minerals such as selenium, magnesium, vitamin E and calcium. A whole food supplement that is also suitable for vegans. “

The scientific nutritional supplement maker, best known for its Food Condition, organic and whole foods line, recently launched its Premium Pregnancy and Infant line after years of medical and medical demand for a comprehensive dairy-free probiotic formula for babies called Baby Biotic is expanding and next year Cytoplan will explore the breakthrough fertility space for men.

About Pregna Plan
Pregna Plan is a comprehensive food-based prenatal multivitamin and mineral complex designed for all stages of pregnancy, including prejudice, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Free from dairy products, gluten, GMOs, added sugar and soy; Pregna Plan is vegan and contains all the most suitable vitamins and minerals necessary for women and babies during prejudice and pregnancy. These include the UK Government’s current recommendations for folic acid and vitamin D3. Pregna plan can be purchased through the Cytoplan website: MSRP £ 16.20 *

Q&A with Amanda Williams, Nutrition Therapist and CEO at CYTOPLAN

What supplements should I consider if I am trying to get pregnant?
Amanda Williams; Cytoplan CEO and Nutritional Therapist said, “It is really important that you have a good source of folic acid and have been consuming it for at least 6 weeks before you become pregnant. This nutrient supports growth in the body and in the early stages of pregnancy when there is a lot of growth, often even before you know you are pregnant. My advice would be to take our Pregna Plan formula along with an omega-3 source such as Omega-3 Vegan. This means that you are getting the nutrients you need for pregnancy in a really good form and with a good level of inclusion to support the pregnancy. Folate as methyl folate (the most bio-effective form of this nutrient) is contained in this product in the amount recommended by the government. “

How Can Pregnancy Supplements Help During My Pregnancy?
Amanda Williams; Cytoplan CEO and nutritional therapist said, “During pregnancy, the growth of the fetus increases your need for micronutrients by an additional 50%, but only increases your caloric needs by 30%. So it is very easy for a nutrient gap to develop during pregnancy if one relies only on food for micronutrient intake. Most people in the western world have a nutritional gap in their life before pregnancy widened that gap. A life-long multi-nutrient formula is one way to ensure a good intake of protective nutrients to make up for any food intake deficiencies. During pregnancy, this should be done in the form of a specific pregnancy formula so that the right amounts of nutrients essential to the health of the mother and the development of the fetus are taken into account to protect the mother and help the baby to be as healthy as possible. “

Which supplements should I stop if I become pregnant?
Amanda Williams; Cytoplan CEO and Nutritional Therapist said, “There are many thousands of nutritional supplements on the market, so I cannot list everything that should be excluded during pregnancy. However, always read the labels carefully as any labels that should not be taken during pregnancy are shown in bold on the label. Often times, the reason that various supplements are excluded is that the product was not tested during pregnancy. However, there are also some products that can affect hormone levels or increase peristalsis and are excluded because of their effects. The key, however, is to read product labels and website information before taking anything while pregnant. “


For more information or further comments from Amanda Williams, please contact the Cytoplan press team:

About Cytoplan:
Nature meets science
A leader in food supplements for over 30 years, Cytoplan believes that nature is the key to health and creates products that work in unison with the body to optimize health. The company strives to improve the health of the nation both ethically and sustainably. Combining nature with science, Cytoplan has pioneered Wholefood & Food State nutritional supplements to create a market leading range of nutritional supplements. The range of products is based on scientific knowledge that arises from results and is designed to improve health safely and effectively.

Cytoplan is an independent UK company wholly owned by a not-for-profit foundation. The company invests heavily in health and nutrition projects across the UK, addressing issues such as public wellbeing and mental health. Every product bought helps these projects help others. Trusted by our practitioners and customers alike, the company provides in-depth information on nutritional supplements and health to fuel self-empowerment and growth, and to help customers make their own informed decisions about their personal approach to nutrition and wellbeing.

Food-grade vitamins are classified as “raw foods” and are combined in a variety of appropriate food bases to ensure that they contain the phytonutrients and associated food factors for optimal absorption and use in the body. This includes the use of carrot concentrate to produce beta-carotene and citrus pulp to produce vitamin C, which is a first-class vitamin preparation made from natural plant-based foods and is designed for optimal absorption by our body.

Whole-food minerals are unique in that they are made from hydroponically grown Brassica. Part of the broccoli family of vegetables. This plant is an edible species that has a great capacity to accumulate highly essential nutrients of the body, which are given in just a small dose in the form of dietary supplements. Both Food State and Wholefood nutrients are used by the body in the same way as nutrients from food and are gentle but effective and naturally free from artificial ingredients and animal products.

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