Veggiepharm was founded in 2017 by Luc Lamirault and Kévin Bondiguel as the first pharmaceutical company to develop medicines that have been certified without animal ingredients and have not been tested on animals. The two founders come from Medipha Santé, an independent French pharmaceutical laboratory that develops medicines and acts as a service provider to other French and international laboratories.

Kévin Bondiguel, pharmacist and technical director at Veggiepharm, believes that this is now necessary for the development of vegan medicines, as 70% of medicines currently contain ingredients of animal origin.

He explains: “Animal exploitation is widespread in the pharmaceutical industry. Animals are used to develop drugs, but also to provide substances for drugs and food supplements. This can be avoided and very often it is possible to develop drugs without the use of animal substances, which is Veggiepharm’s commitment. We have also strived to better cater to the needs of those who choose to eliminate animal sources from their diet by offering nutritional supplements adapted to different phases of life (pregnancy and menopause).

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But is the pharmaceutical industry sensitive to the vegan trend? Bondiguel says, “Although the relationship we have with animals is one of the major problems of our world and civilizations, the pharmaceutical industry has never really addressed the problem of using animals for medicines. Veggiepharm is a pioneer in this field. We are the first pharmaceutical company to guarantee that all of our medicines and dietary supplements are designed and manufactured without the use of animals.

“In addition, when developing our dietary supplements, we thought of those who remove meat from their diet. We do not limit ourselves to the traditional vitamin B12, which is certainly indispensable, but have added omega 3 and other vitamins and minerals that are real benefits for a balanced daily diet and in certain phases of life such as pregnancy and menopause where nutritional needs are different.

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We asked about Veggiepharm’s current position and plans for the near future. Bondiguel replies: “Despite our 4-year existence, we are currently in the process of marketing and promoting our products. The first aim is to make ourselves known and to work on the provision of our medicines and dietary supplements so that they are easily accessible to our customers. At the same time, we will work on improving and expanding our offer.

“There is a lot of room for improvement, both in consumer drugs and nutritional supplements. We could offer a vegan alternative to most drugs on the market. We have already identified several drugs that could be added to our range, and we have developed new formulas for dietary supplements that we may be putting into production soon. “

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Where can Veggiepharm drugs be obtained? “Our medicines and food supplements are available in pharmacies. If our products are not available from your local pharmacy, your pharmacist can order them from their wholesaler within a few hours. We invite interested people to consult our website to know the pharmacies in question or to order online from an authorized pharmacy. “


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