There’s the cult of Sarso Ka Tael and the refined oil that ranks high on the kitchen shelves of most Indian households. But have you heard of rapeseed oil? This oil is gradually gaining popularity in the Indian market due to its excellent properties, texture, and a host of health benefits that you may not find in your usual mustard or even olive oil.

What is canola oil to start with the basics?

“Canola got its name from two words – ‘can’ means Canadian and ‘ola’ means oil. There is only one thing that distinguishes rapeseed from mustard oil: Erucic acid – Mustard oil contains 47 percent erucic acid. To understand the difference in simple words, mustard oil is minus 47 percent erucic acid rapeseed oil, ”explains Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director of JIVO Wellness.

This vegetable oil is obtained from rapeseed, which contains a small amount of erucic acid.

Check out these four health benefits of canola oil:

No trans fats

Rapeseed oil has no trans fats, which means no cholesterol. Hence, shedding those extra pounds is your best option.

High in good fats

“Rapeseed oil has a low content of saturated oils – only seven percent, far less than olive oil with 15 percent. Low levels of saturated oils help lower cholesterol and further reduce the risk of heart disease, ”says Singh.

Since it is high in monounsaturated fatty acids, the oil helps in lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol in the body.

Rich in Omega 3

We all know how important it is Omega-3 fatty acids and canola oil provides just that. “Preserving these fatty acids is a great option for vegetarians to help maintain a healthy heart, avoid the risk of heart disease and stroke, and ensure healthy blood pressure,” he adds.

High smoke point

An essential part of cooking in any Indian household, oil is often left over and contributes to waste. However, rapeseed oil has a high smoke point. “This makes it healthy to be reused multiple times without affecting the taste or quality of the oil,” says Singh.

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