Vitamins are nutrients that our body cannot manufacture by itself, yet are essential for its proper functioning. Under ideal circumstances, you should obtain these vitamins through a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. However, multivitamin supplements can work to compliment your diet and provide you with complete nutrition.

You can incorporate essential vitamins into your daily routine with personalized vitamin pack subscription services. Take a look through the following guide to discover the best vitamin subscription packs that are designed specifically for your lifestyle needs.

Our Picks for the Top Vitamin Packs

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How We Chose the Best Vitamin Pack Subscriptions

There are a number of factors to consider when committing to a vitamin pack subscription. Here are a few that we prioritize in making our list.

  • Personalization: Some of the subscription services include a laboratory test that analyzes the levels of enzymes in the blood, thus allowing a more accurate and successful mix of vitamins to help you achieve your goals. Others let you shop by specific health needs with pre-built packages.
  • Options: Vitamins and supplements can aid in filling gaps of what you need but aren’t getting from your diet. Everyone’s needs are different, whether you’re a pregnant woman, an older adult, or have medical afflictions such as immune or vitamin-deficiency issues. So having a wide variety of products to choose from can make the difference between a vitamin pack supplier being a go-to, or a hard pass.
  • Ingredients: Vitamins and supplements come from raw materials, and it’s important to know how they source those ingredients. With that information in mind, you need to look for a company that does not include fillers, additives, or preservatives in products.
  • Testing: Daily vitamin packs have to be tested for strength and composition to ensure purity, efficacy, and bioavailability of ingredients. Expertise can not be improvised, and some brands even run several tests on their products before making them available.
  • Sustainability: If it’s helping you, it should help the planet in the process. Suppliers that work with vegan, natural, organic, and even reusable packaging are a win-win on this matter. Since you will be getting their product delivered regularly, it is an important consideration. We also looked for companies committed to higher standards in their sourcing and manufacturing practices.
  • Cost: Depending on the number of recommended supplements, costs might vary from as low as $1 or less per day (in products with small batches) to up to $6 or $7 per day. Keep in mind that access to personalized knowledge centers can be included in some of the plans, and you will receive nutrition and wellness insights and dietary assessments.

The Best Vitamin Pack Subscription Services

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Vital Plan

Vital Plan was founded in North Carolina by Dr. Bill Rawls after he sought a more natural and holistic treatment for his chronic pain. An expert in modern herbology, Dr. Rawls formulated botanical herbal therapies that use high-quality, hand picked ingredients that are backed by clinical research and tested by third-party labs. Vital Plan is also a certified B corp, an Environmental Working Group supporter, and a Pledge 1% member.

Why buy: Vital Plan lets you shop by specific health concerns or categories, like immune or joint health, for a physician-formulated herbal supplement kit that can naturally support your body.


CocoaVia focuses on delivering the naturally-occurring health benefits found in the cocoa bean. They use a process that unlocks the cocoa flavanols found in the plant, which is the ingredient that makes dark chocolate good for you. CocoaVia offers subscriptions for their Heart & Brain Capsules, designed to boost both cardiovascular and cognitive functions, and their Memory+ Capsules that are clinically proven to boost memory and brain function.

Why buy: CocoaVia offers powerful cocoa extract supplements that can help improve your heart and brain health. Receive a discount on your order when you subscribe for one, three, or six month supplies.

Global Healing

Global Healing offers organic and plant-derived supplements for a range of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and enzymes. You can shop by individual vitamins, like B12 or Zinc, or you can purchase bundles based on your desired health benefit, like immune system support or digestion. Most all of their products are USDA organic, and their supplements come in both vitamin tinctures and capsules.

Why buy: Global Healing has 20 years of experience in creating natural health supplements. They offer a wide variety of options so you can achieve your desired health benefit. Plus, save on each order when you subscribe.


Not only does LYFE Fuel provide small-batch organic and non-GMO plant-based nutritional supplements, they do it with a focus on sustainable sourcing and packaging, carbon offsetting, and social impact. You can purchase their 21-day Transformation Program, or you can buy the supplements individually. The products are derived from whole foods instead of synthetic to give you clean, plant-based nutrition.

Why buy: We love that LYFE Fuel focuses on both natural and plant-based nutrition as well as sustainability. Their Omega-3 supplement is derived from algae instead of fish oil as a more sustainable alternative.


Sunwarrior provides plant-based proteins and nutrient-dense superfood supplements. Their products include protein powders, vitamin tinctures, capsules, and probiotics. You can purchase individual supplements or shop by specific health benefit bundles and save up to 30%. Sunwarrior has bundles available for goals like cellular health and immune shield to joint health and digestion.

Why buy: Sunwarrior offers big savings when you subscribe for specific supplements or when you purchase a health bundle. They make it easy to add plant-based nutrition to your routine.


Rootine takes vitamin customization to the next level. Like most websites in the vitamin subscription game, you apply by completing a lifestyle quiz. It then takes DNA information and a blood analysis into account to provide the best vitamin mix for you. A Rootine subscription is $70 a month, regardless of what’s in your pack.

Why buy: All vitamin and mineral supplements in the program are made from 100% vegetarian-friendly ingredients, and are as personalized as they can get.


VitaFive pre-made gummy pouches give you the option to choose from a vitamins to support a broad spectrum of health benefits or to boost a specific aspect of your health. There are nine to choose from, including vitamin D3, vitamin C, a multivitamin, biotin, apple cider vinegar, melatonin, omega 3, probiotics, and elderberry for immunity.

Why buy: VitaFive makes it easy to take your vitamins with tasty vitamin gummies and vegetarian-friendly ingredients.


With Baze you’ll receive a blood nutrient testing kit in your mailbox. This will help identify your levels of 11 essential nutrients to customize your vitamin pack. Baze has also created a nutritional guide that educates consumers on how to boost their supplements with the right foods. Baze supplements are all made in the USA and tested according to the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Process standards.

Why buy: Baze customizes your vitamin pack subscription through a blood nutrient test to provide you with an optimal mix of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

Nurish by Nature Made

The Nurish quiz evaluates your health needs based on your age, sex, weight, height, activity level, dietary habits, sleep quality, and sleep patterns. Once you get your recommendations, you can customize your 30-day supply of vitamin supplements and adjust as needed. It also offers products specifically for men’s health, prenatal and postnatal vitamins, brain health, and diabetes.

Why buy: This is a vitamin pack subscription from a trusted brand with over 50 years of experience in nutrition. Shipping is free on orders over $20.


Vitl offers a number of options to help personalize your vitamin pack: you can take advantage of an online consultation; you can go further by taking a blood test for vitamin levels; or you can go so far as to take a DNA test. Vitl also allows you to shop for supplements by health goals and general multivitamins.

Why buy: Vitl allows you to check and monitor your vitamin and cholesterol levels through at-home blood tests to help you stay on top of your nutrition and health.


Care/of offers a wide variety of vitamins, powders, and quick sticks for on-the-go nutrition. The brand recently switched to fully compostable, plant-based packaging. They are also known for being transparent about their sourcing from around the world and maintaining close relationships with their ingredient suppliers. You can get personalized recommendations or shop by a number of different health categories.

Why buy: All products are tested a minimum of three times for quality, and we love Care/of’s mobile app and compostable vitamin pack film.


This company offers a questionnaire about your dietary requirements and medical conditions to work out the supplements you should be taking. Persona partners with Vitamin Angels to provide two malnourished children with a year’s vitamin A supply for each order made. Persona is also committed to sustainability with recyclable and biodegradable packaging sourced from local, sustainable suppliers.

Why buy: Persona offers nearly 100 products, and their supplements are non-GMO and adhere to current FDA regulations. Plus, they take sustainability seriously.

What are Vitamin Packs?

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The actual effectiveness of traditional multivitamins has been questioned in recent years. This is due to findings about low absorption rates of certain supplements, mislabeled amounts or ingredients that can be found in each pill, and doubts about whether many of these vitamins are necessary in the first place depending on your diet.

Looking to solve this problem and help restore faith in the vitamin industry, many companies have proposed the alternative of more customized vitamin packs and vitamin bundles. These are designed to create a culture of personalized care and well-being for its consumers. The idea is basically that you receive a “prescription” of dietary supplements and vitamins delivered directly to your door, usually on a monthly basis, to address your individual needs.

Among the benefits and novelties of this service, there are plenty of options for different types of health goals, nutrition needs, and budgets. The vitamin package subscription is normally curated based on a questionnaire that the company asks you to fill out, with items about your lifestyle, medical conditions, preexisting condition, or simply the area of your health that you would like to improve. Others go further and customize your vitamin supplement routine using a blood test or DNA test. With this information, they create an individual profile and vitamin pack for you.

What are the Benefits of a Vitamin Pack Subscription?

These services provide customized nutrients in convenient packs for daily health and wellness improvement. Not only can they give you more targeted dietary recommendations, they can help you identify any deficiencies that you can correct with a supplement to optimize your health. Not to mention that they offer the convenience of delivering your personalized supplement packs directly to you. And with a subscription, you’ll never run out of your daily vitamins.

Should You Take Vitamin Supplements?

Whether you’re looking for a complete vitamin recommendation, like prenatal vitamins, to control allergies by caring for your immune health, to lose weight, or trying to correct for a vitamin deficiency, there’s a vitamin subscription for you. There are daily vitamin packs that can boost every type of person and every type of health goal. And with a personalized vitamin pack, you can get a curated supply of supplements that will best work with your body’s needs.

What are Some of the Most Common Vitamin Supplements?

If you don’t know where to start, here are some of the most crucial vitamins the body needs to function:

Vitamin D: Vitamin D plays a pivotal role in a number of bodily functions, and can help improve a range of ailments and conditions, including poor bone health, type 1 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and hypertension.

Magnesium: Magnesium is important for muscle and nerve functioning, and it has been recently touted for its ability to reduce the frequency and symptoms of migraine, headaches, as well as improving sleep.

Fish Oil: This supplement contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help In everything from cardiovascular health and brain functioning to arthritis and inflammation.

Vitamin C: Researchers have found that vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, which can lower the risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, age-related macular degeneration. It also plays an important role in the immune system.

Vitamin packs are doubtless the next generation of vitamin supplements. This service helps health-conscious consumers take the randomness out of their daily dietary supplements by aligning science, data, and technology to deliver personalized nutrition safely and conveniently.

Sarita Vanegas is a writer based in Medellín, Columbia, where she covers environmentally-friendly products, natural health, and plant-based remedies. A former Baselang teacher, she is also passionate about learning languages and exploring other cultures.


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